Contracts Attorney

Don’t wait until it’s too late to ensure that your contract is rock-solid and protects your all of your best interests. – Contracts are one of the most common legal documents in both our personal and business lives. Whether you’re hiring a contractor, hiring an employee, starting a business, purchasing real estate, you’re going to encounter a contract.  As a result, most people graze over the language of a contract without first consulting an attorney or attempt to draft a contract leaving out key provisions.  Don’t make this mistake, consult with a Las Cruces contracts attorney first.  Without the proper contractual language to protect you, your contract could lead to messy and expensive litigation.

The Law Office of Martinez-Salopek can help with your contact needs.   By taking the first preventative step – consulting an attorney, our firm can protect your interests in both routine and complex transactions and minimizing your risk in the future shall a lawsuit ever be filed.

Help! A lawsuit has been filed against me.  Don’t despair.

Contract disputes regularly arise in an infinite number of contexts.  Our attorneys regularly represent clients in court litigation and/or arbitration over disputed contracts and complex commercial matters.

If you’re accused of breaching a contract, our firm can provide the expert legal help you need to sort out the details of your case and to help you establish a defense.  Dismissal of a lawsuit against our clients is always the goal, however, if dismissal cannot be accomplished, we strive to minimize the consequences and to leave you in the best position possible.

If you think your contract has been breached, contact us. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation.  The law is intricate and small details of your case—things that you don’t think are related or are a particularly big deal—can make a significant difference.   Our firm will be able to tell you if you have a strong case before you spend time and money launching into a lawsuit on your own—one that you could lose because of misunderstanding or an error.

Whether you are the party that is being sued, or the party that needs to enforce performance of your contract, our firm will seek solutions to ensure the consequences you face are minimized, or the maximized damages are sought.

Litigation is a lousy way to resolve disputes. It can be very expensive, time consuming and emotionally devastating.  When your faced with litigation, you need every advantage you can get, and the Law Office of Martinez-Salopek, LLC, can be the solution you need.