Las Cruces Real Estate Zoning

Can I put a commercial building on any plot of land? No, you cannot. Las Cruces real estate zoning laws can be complicated and you may need help figuring them out.

Before you buy a piece of property or begin construction on property that you already own, you would have to check with the local Las Cruces government, or other municipality your property may be located. In addition to municipal use restrictions, there may be county zoning restrictions as well.

Because land is divided into “zones,” either residential or commercial (and different categories of commercial enterprises have zones), you may or may not be allowed to put your type of commercial building in that location.

Some zoning is specifically for residential purposes and what you can build there may have restrictions. Other different types of zones allow for farming, office buildings, gas stations, auto shops and heavy industry.

When you are buying property in Las Cruces for a commercial purpose, it is critically important that you investigate the zoning restrictions of that property in advance to make sure you can use it for your intended purpose.

If you are not sure, you should speak with an experienced real estate attorney before you enter into any transaction. Our Las Cruces real estate zoning attorneys can help you sort out your zoning matters. Our offices are conveniently located in Las Cruces.

Ramona Martinez-Salopek